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2016 Federal Election Vote 1 John Gibson Qld Independent for the Senate

2016 Federal Election – Vote1 John Gibson Qld Independent Senator


2016 Federal Election – Vote1 John Gibson Qld Independent Senator

John Gibson Senate QldTo the many readers of RealAussiejobs Qld – Every day thousands of  Job Seekers in Qld view our job postings and all are aware of the difficulties in finding and applying for a job. There are so many hurdles to jump over finding that job has become a mammoth task.

The current political scene is not helping anyone in Queensland. Massive job losses in the mining industry and the follow on to businesses that support that industry have been devastating to all regional towns and city’s form Cairns to Brisbane. We have seen very little action on behalf of both the State Government and Federal Government to come up with any answers other than more money spent on sometimes useless job training programs.

We don’t want more training – WE WANT MORE JOBS. Government never produces jobs – businesses do, but businesses in this state are in real trouble.

The job situation in Queensland has not yet bottomed out. Recent reliable financial reports are indicating that another 50,000 jobs could be lost in the mining industry across Australia.

If by some miracle the mining industry was to turn around overnight to a boom cycle it will take towns and city’s in Queensland 10 years to recover. That’s 10 years of massive unemployment.

How did we get into this situation. You don’t need a university degree to work it out.

  • We have a LNP Government that support big business (financed by you and me the workers)
  • We have an Labor Opposition Government that supports trade unions who don’t support any business other than union dominated businesses. (and that means

    Uncompetitive and unproductive practices)

  • We have the Greens who are against all business development (at the cost of jobs)

These major parties are so far apart in their influence on the growth in job opportunities that the workers of Australia are under extreme pressure to merely find a job and support their families.

The answer is change. For too long these three parties have dominated and you can see the results – no jobs. You have to change this at the ballot box. This is a serious chance to make the change.

As a nation we have been hijacked by the domination of the United Nations. All of the issues that we hear day to day like Immigration (the Muslim Problem) – Gay Rights and Political Correctness are the brain child of the United Nations. We do not need to bend over to the UN and be invaded by Muslims – We do not need to bend over and done over by the Gay rights Movement – We do not need to bend over and be attacked over Political Correctness.

Political Correctness has ruined our Australian values and has caused the loss of Free Speech so much that we are discriminated against for merely having an opinion.

You really have a unique choice bought on by the double dissolution. Queenslanders can exercise this once in a lifetime opportunity to send a thumping message to all political parties running for the lower house and in the senate where Qld’s need 12 new Senators.

One of the major parties has to go and one has to be decimated at the ballot box so much that they will be forced to think again. We cannot let political party politics rule in this country anymore.

My advice to all readers. I don’t care which party you support right now. If you want change you may need to change your support.

In the lower house – the House of Reps don’t vote GREENS OR LABOR or any of those wacker parties.

In the Senate – don’t vote GREENS OR LABOR but vote for an INDEPENDENT.

If we do this we will have a majority sitting government in the lower house and a Senate of totally INDEPENDENT (not party aligned) Senators who can approve or not approve the government of the day proposals.

I am so concerned with the future Queensland and the Future  of Australia that I have decided to run as an Independent Senator. Why, I am 68 and an Aged Pensioner (that works part time) and in my electorate of Dawson no one has run for the Senate for several elections which indicate to me that no one in my electorate has a clue as to whats going on.

Good Luck for the Election – I hope your choice of candidates gets home

John Gibson – Independent Senator Candidate Qld

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